UK Sugar Daddy Dating Tips

Sugar daddies are in high demand in the UK but so are sugar babies. Sugar daddies are generally older men, who are financially well off and have no problem sharing some of their cash with a younger companion and occasional bedmate. Don't be disheartened, having a sugar daddy is not the same as exchanging sex for money; in fact, oftentimes sex may not even be mentioned. So let's see how to go about getting and keeping your sugar daddy.

UK Sugar Daddy Dating Tips

Attracting a UK Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddies are all around. You just need to open your eyes. You may want to go online to locate one or you may much rather meet him in person and take things from there. Remember these are men who normally work in an office or corporate environment every day, so they aren't here for your professionalism. It is very important for you to be fun - sophisticated, but fun.

What to expect?

Many UK sugar daddies are interested in dating in an effort to gain genuine companionship. As such, they will be more interested in conversation than sex. A UK sugar daddy may be ten to forty years older than their sugar baby. He may be married or he may be single and seeking a potential wife.

After the first date or two, you may agree on the type of support you will receive and the expectations that you both have. Be prepared for the outings, dinners and especially shopping sprees that will follow. After all, you are expected to look gorgeous for your sugar daddy. Depending on the status of your daddy, you may be expected to make public appearances with him. Be prepared to be smiling, conversational and willing to listen at all times.

How to keep him?

So you've got your sights set on one particular daddy; but, is he the one? If he is, here are some fail-safe ways to keep him happy.

  • Be discreet and respect his privacy - So if he's married, he most likely won't appreciate you telling everyone about him or worst posting photos of you both on social media. Don't pry either. If he chooses to leave out details about his family, that's okay.
  • Intelligence and sophistication cannot be overrated - Gentle sparring over the stocks can be very attractive. Your UK sugar daddy will love you that much more if he sees you as knowledgeable. Your time together will be dynamic and refreshing especially if he has you around for the companionship.
  • Let your appearance vary - So don't wear the same hairstyle or lipstick all the time. Surprise him. Men like variety and he will be no different, especially if his wife doesn't make that much effort for him. Try to be outstanding without standing out too much.
  • Dominate and ooze femininity - Look very feminine at all times. Look vulnerable while at the same time demonstrating the strength of a woman. Your inner strength will make you irresistible.
  • Get wild - If you make it to the bedroom, be sure to keep him satisfied there as well. Learn all the possible sex techniques and ways to please your man and don't be shy about putting them into practice. Be sure to find out what is off limits and don't be opposed to taking a few pointers from him every now and then.

The Bottom Line

Be fun, be yourself. There are enough men out there interested in having a sugar baby that you don't have to settle for the first one who comes along. Sugar daddy UK dating is fulfilling and should be rewarding both for the daddy and the baby. Being a sugar baby can't stop you from being an ambitious woman. If you both are satisfied - he treats you well and you meet his needs - then revel in the success of your relationship and maintain it for as long as it is mutually beneficial.

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