Don't Get Scammed on Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

Sugar Baby Gets ScammedUnfortunately, sugar daddy dating sites attract a number of people looking to scam the wealthy sugar daddy who is only looking for love.

Scammers are actually very astute and there are a number of well thought out, sophisticated scams and schemes, all designed to help sugar daddies part with their money and/or their personal information. These scams are constantly evolving and so it pays to try and be one step ahead of the scammers.

However, sugar daddy dating site scams are fairly easy to identify as long as you are somewhat savvy about the internet and cautious with your finances and personal information. They are even easier to identify once you know what warning signs or red flags to look out for!

From our experience, the top few scams include:

The fake sugar daddy site scam

This scam involves a site that is presenting itself as a successful sugar daddy dating site but which is populated by fake members; the site is usually aimed at newcomers who are not experienced enough to recognise scams. The objective? To lure in new members, get their credit card information, and steal money from them!

Some pointers: often the messages on such scamming sites don't make sense and, a very obvious one, the profiles of members look too good to be true!

The impoverished sugar baby scam

A very simple scam, where the real or fake sugar baby very soon after initial contact starts asking for money: common reasons for such a request are sudden injuries or illnesses, hospital bills, problems with employment or income, family needs, being victim of a crime such as robbery or identity theft, and so on.

Many such scammers will also proclaim intense attraction or even love to the sugar daddy early into the online relationship, the hope being that, if the scammer targets enough sugar daddies, they will usually hit at least one very ken rich man who will fall for the love game.

The sugar daddy spam scam

This sugar daddy site itself can be real or fake, but their main goal is to collect your personal information in order to sell it to third parties who will then spam you via various methods (email, regular mail, social media, etc.).

This spam scam is the hardest to identify of all the sugar daddy dating sites scams, although one way to know if you have been scammed is if the spam you suddenly start receiving is related to sugar daddy dating. women, sex, etc.!

Identity theft scam

With this identity theft scam, the scam is probably originating from a specific member within a site and not from the site itself. The objective of the scammers is to gain the trust of sugar daddy dating sites members and to get enough information out of them in order to steal their identity.

Often messages will be in broken or incomplete English as many such scammers are based overseas plus, a major tell-tale sign, profile photos are too good to be true and the information attached to them overly exaggerated.

It's hard to say what percentage of people on sugar daddy dating site are genuine and who may be scammers, given the relative anonymity which the internet permits. However, on balance it does seem that the overall percentage of scammers is small.

Still, it is always wise to be prudent and exercise a high degree of caution when using any sugar daddy dating site!

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