How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Instagram

Finding a sugar daddy on Instagram is a great way to enter the sugar bowl because there are more and more sugar daddies (or potential sugar daddies) using Instagram currently. Now you will learn how to find a sugar daddy on Instagram in detail!

Find Sugar Daddy on Instagram

Set up an attractive Instagram account. Before you get started, you have to create an attractive account on Instagram. There are two options for you to consider: 1) You can use your existing Instagram account if you already have one - just update the photos - you must have eye-catching photos; 2) You can create a new Instagram account just for your sugar lifestyle so that your existing Instagram account is just for your family and friends who are vanilla. On this new Instagram account, make sure you have three types of photos: A) photos which show your sexy figure in casual clothing; B) photos in which you wear formal dresses; C) photos which show your beautiful face with and without makeup. That's because your potential sugar daddies need to know you are truly gorgeous and if they take you to dinner parties, you will make them look good!

Why are sugar daddies looking for sugar babies on Instagram? According to Gary Vaynerchuk (a very famous entrepreneur), if you are a pretty girl, Instagram is the perfect platform for you. Many successful businessmen listen to Gary Vaynerchuk's advice, so if some of them are sugar daddies, of course they would begin to look for sugar babies on Instagram - they know hot women are there! Even Gary Vaynerchuk says, "I love Instagram because it's just like soft porn. I need it!" Therefore, it is clear that sugar daddies are already looking for attractive women like you on Instagram.

Follow rich men on Instagram. If you already have some friends who may know rich men, make sure you check out who they are following on Instagram and then you also follow those rich guys on Instagram. When wealthy men notice your profile, they will definitely check out your photos because you are so beautiful! Remember: men are visual creatures! Chances are those wealthy guys will probably contact you after looking at your sexy photos because simply looking at your pictures isn't enough for them. If they begin to follow you on Instagram as well, make sure you post at least one new photo per day. Your photos can't look trashy, as if they do look trashy, rich men may think you are a prostitute and that's not the impression you want to give. You want to look pretty, elegant and classy - that's the ideal sugar baby that every real sugar daddy wants.

If you're still waiting for sugar daddies to DM you on Instagram.... In life, you either wait or create! So if you are still waiting for potential sugar daddies to DM you on Instagram, it's time to DM them first! Now you may wonder, "How the hell can I DM a potential sugar daddy first?" Well, the raw truth is: sugar daddies are very popular, so if you aren't proactive, other sugar babies will! Consequently, you would be well-advised to DM sugar daddies: "I'm going to have a party this weekend. You should come." When you say, "You should come", you are very certain that this sugar daddy needs to come to your party. But when you ask, "Would you like to come?" the sugar daddy has to ask himself, "1. Do I want to go to the party? 2. Given my schedule, can I go to the party?" That's why saying "You should come" eliminates his first question and now he only needs to consider the second question, i.e. if he has the time to go to your party.

By the way, don't forget to DM more than one potential sugar daddy on Instagram because when four or five rich men rock up at the same time, they'll compete with each other and see which man you like. Meanwhile, you can also invite some of your ugly female friends to the same party so that all wealthy men will know you are the hottest girl in the room!

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