Successful Sugar Babies in Top UK Universities

According to recent research on Seeking Arrangement - the world's biggest sugar daddy dating website, there are more and more sugar babies in top UK universities looking for sugar daddies these days. Since January 2019, the database of a leading sugar daddy dating site has grown 30% and sugar dating experts have found out that at least half of them are sugar babies from UK universities. We spoke to several successful sugar babies last week and they are very happy to share their wonderful luxury dating experience with us.

Sugar Babies in Universities

Katie, a 20-year-old student at Oxford University, is dating a 43-year-old rich man who runs a successful oil business. Her lifestyle is shockingly luxurious.

Why do you want to become a sugar baby?

"I don't like student loans and I want to live a debt-free life. So, I decided to meet a sugar daddy last year. Now I'm very happy with my arrangement."

"Studying in the UK is already much cheaper than going to university in America, so I would say I also want to live a high life when I'm young. Most people work their face off when they are young and save money for retirement. If I can enjoy a luxury lifestyle now, why not?"

How do you know there are sugar daddy dating websites?

"I watched a YouTube video about Seeking Arrangement and was inspired by that idea. Therefore, I signed up on immediately. Interestingly, all university students get premium memberships for free on that top sugar daddy dating site."

How much allowance do you get from your sugar daddy?

"I know most sugar babies can receive at least £1000 per month. Because I'm a good-looking, well-educated and interesting young woman, my sugar daddy gives me £3000 per month."

"Apart from that, my sugar daddy also gives me luxury gifts such as LV bags, Tiffany jewellery and Jimmy Choo shoes. I'm very lucky and grateful."

Val, a 21-year-old student at Cambridge University, is dating a 39-year-old wealthy man. Her current sugar daddy is a real estate investor.

What's the most expensive gift that you've ever received from your current sugar daddy?

"My current sugar daddy is more generous than my previous sugar daddy. I'm not saying my previous sugar daddy is bad. I mean my current sugar daddy gave me a Birkin bag - that price tag is $12,000 and he bought it for me when we were in America. He took me to New York to get the bag and he paid for my first-class flight as well. I know that's not an expensive Birkin bag, but that's much more expensive than most gifts."

Will you need to find a real job in the future?

"Actually, when I graduate from Cambridge University, my sugar daddy will hire me as his personal assistant. In that case, I'll have a real job. Dating a sugar daddy is also about mentorship and career advice."

How often do you see your sugar daddy?

"We see each other once a week because he is busy with his work from Monday to Friday and only has time to see me on Friday night. I think that's the perfect frequency because I can do whatever I want when I'm not with my sugar daddy."

Obviously, it can be seen that a growing number of college sugar babies have joined the sugar bowl in 2019 and this trend will keep growing in UK universities. Better still, more and more younger women will meet wealthy men who can become their mentors, sponsors and sugar daddies. Then this world will become a more lovely, luscious and luxurious place.

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