5 Top Things Sugar Babies Want from Their Sugar Daddy

Sugar Baby with MoneyModern times mean modern women; and more and more modern women want a sugar daddy!

Yet, don't be misled by this opening sentence into thinking that this is a new phenomenon. Attractive young women seeking their very own, wealthy sugar daddy is really nothing new and has been around since year dot!

Rich men with power and status have always sought younger woman. Maybe being a sugar daddy makes them feel young again; or maybe they are happy to give back something to less privileged individuals in society.

And young women have always sought wealthy sugar daddies; indeed, I can remember 30 or more years ago when the topic of sugar daddies and sugar babies used to come up in conversation, and the unspoken answer from any sugar baby to what she expected from her sugar daddy was: "the 5 Cs". She had no need to elaborate further - everyone knew what our sugar baby meant... do you?

Well, for those who don't know, here's a brief summary of the aforesaid 5 Cs, being those items sugar daddy may be expected to give to his sugar baby for the emotional or sexual attachment or other arrangement they plan to engage in:

  • Cash: of course, cash is king and the most preferred form of assistance (if there is enough of it!) and the sugar baby can spend it on her tuition fees, general living expenses or whatever she wants
  • Car: well, if the sugar baby doesn't have her own car, how can she get around and go to see her sugar daddy when he needs to see her? A nice little, trendy Fiat or modern Mini will do nicely
  • Condominium unit: we can't have our attractive young sugar baby living in a down-market property so it's necessary to get her a nice condo with a view in a fashionable neighbourhood (to rent or buy, either will do)
  • Clothes: it almost goes without saying that our sugar baby has to always look good for her sugar daddy, so she'll have to dress in the latest fashions - plus, of course, have all the accessories such as an LV or Prada bag; Nine West or Jimmy Choo shoes; maybe some Tiffany jewellery
  • Credit card: aah... this is an interesting one as, heaven forbid, the sugar baby can't control her expenditure on her credit card, then maybe her sugar daddy will not be so happy...

I dare say little has changed over the last 30 years so, if you ask a sugar baby what she wants from her sugar daddy then, before she answers, casually ask, "How about the 5Cs?"... she might just smile and nod her head in agreement...

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