Why UK Sugar Daddies are the Hottest

UK Sugar DaddiesI was wondering about why girls in our campus often refer to get hooked to sugar daddies from the United Kingdom. So in my natural unflattering way, I popped out the question ring that time of the semester when most girls' funds need replenishing. The responses I got can be summed into the following.

Besides being gorgeous and smart, a typical UK sugar daddy has been identified to be significantly hotter and better than from any other country. Besides looking for an average "sugar babe sugar daddy", as they are called, a sugar daddy from the UK has a natural inclination to give an education to a charity. For schooling girls, it doesn't matter the intentions of the man! Obviously, such offers of educating a girl may be some stupid way of a man to soothe his soul from his crimes. Foolhardy men think that it lessens the pain and guilt of cheating. Of course, that is all but self-pontificating charades of otherwise morally decadent men! No prudence can make a sugar daddy sane enough to take other options when it comes to relationships. This, to them, is sane and justifies the art of any girl. Taking the coffee first and savor the smell later.

Often, someone who would fund another's education has two things in mind: to give the other person better options in life or only groom them for later attachments. It is on the latter that I would urge a girl to build, albeit in insignificant proportions, their hopes on. Go on, hang on and you could end up eating the cookie for as long as you live. Never forget that at the time of such an eventuality, your man may be butter on someone else's bread!

As an afterthought, though, potential sugar babies should be forewarned. Men who grow too close may get spooky and Snoopy- all at the same time. They may just decide not to share. To do this, they may stop at nothing to watch your every move. Cheat on them, if you must, but with the full knowledge of what may befall you. With the endless possibilities of technology, you may never be smart enough. Girls should therefore just let go and stay within the confines. Not unless the straying is sanctioned by the man to fulfill his fantasies – we live strange world you know!

So it is plain. UK sugar daddies have got more guts, chipped in my friend Nana as the conversation wore on and wound to a close. Beneath the travesty of the whole arrangement, affirmed my other kinky friend Dorothy, UK men have hearts in their chest cavities! "They develop feelings for attachment too fast", added Kathryn, who'd been just hooked with Wayne, a man from East London. I guess it makes then hot to develop feelings, right?

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