How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Addicted to You

At last, you've found a sugar daddy who is successful, generous and caring. Now it's only a matter of how to keep him! In fact, the best way to keep your sugar daddy is to make him addicted to you. And I'm going to teach you how:

Attract Sugar Daddy

  • Become a wild woman in the bedroom. Making your sugar daddy sexually addicted to you is the most powerful element of all. As a result, you would be well-advised to learn some new sexual techniques as soon as possible, e.g. hand maneuver, oral sex, etc. These things are more important than you think because most men think about sex every 60 seconds. You can learn these by reading a book on how to have better sex or join an online program which specifically teaches you this area. Once you've mastered the bedroom skills, your sugar daddy will keep coming back to find you again and again….because only you can meet his needs in this world.
  • Dominate your sugar daddy by being a feminine and strong woman. By that I mean you should look very feminine, but at the same time, you have a very strong heart. Therefore, you'd better wear feminine clothes, yet you are a very strong woman inside. This combination is the ultimate goddess, and your sugar daddy will find you irresistible without knowing why. According to the theory of ying/yang balance, women have ying energy (strong inside & soft outside), whereas men have yang energy (strong outside & soft inside). So if you have got this area figured out, your sugar daddy will only want to be with you for a very long time.
  • Master sugar daddy dating skills. Actually, sugar daddy dating is different from dating in general - sugar daddy dating is a very different piece of cake. By that I mean you should read and learn everything you can find regarding sugar daddy dating, instead of looking at general dating advice which may not apply to sugar daddy dating at all. For instance, this website is a good resource which helps you to improve your sugar daddy dating skills; however, a random dating advice website can't help you with your specific needs. So now it's time to ditch the mainstream dating book and look for something different.
  • Change your looks frequently. Every man craves variety. Sugar daddies are successful and rich men, so they have options easily. As a result, you should make sure you stand out from the crowd now. You may change your looks often, so that your sugar daddy feels that he can experience variety when he is with you! For example, each week you change the color of your lipstick. Last night you were a Gypsy girl, but tonight you become the girly princess, and tomorrow night you will be an elegant lady.
  • Dare to disagree with him. If you only build a rapport with your sugar daddy, he will lose interest sooner or later, because you will become boring. Hence, you might occasionally disagree with him - this shows him that you have your own mind as well as your passion. So now you can see why having an opinion is sexy. But don't overdo it because having an argument isn't sexy.
  • Be intelligent, sophisticated and well-read. Your sugar daddy will love you even more if you are a knowledgeable sugar baby. Beauty is common, but wisdom is not. If you want to keep your sugar daddy in the long term, probably you have to keep acquiring more knowledge. As most successful and wealthy men are very smart themselves, they expect you to be clever as well.

Okay, it's time to implement what you've learned and do something amazing.

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